Training permanent make up microblading, medical tattoo

It is important that you make the right choice in a full-fledged education. The rates for learning permanent make-up  and the relatively small investment to get started are very attractive to many, so permanent make-up is often seen as a way to earn (quickly). Many are called but few are chosen.

A guarantee of a serious training is to check who gives the training.Google, facebook,  twitter tell you a lot about the professional. Who is she, where has she received training. Does she practise it as a secondary occupation.

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The majority of those interested in the training permanent make up microblading, consists of beauticians, nurses, hairdressers, nail stylists, dermatologists, artists, physiotherapists, tattoo artists, etc.

The high (hygienic) standards for the practise of permanent make-up/micropigmentation are observed during training and are imposed on all students.

The mandatory hygiene course, imposed by the Federal Public Health Service FPS, is obliged for every professional in permanent makeup, microblading,tattooing. This is a guarantee that the professional works hygienically. In addition, these appropriate measures limit further spread of the Corona Covid-19 virus. It is not unlikely, after Corona times, that you will choose a professional who has followed and passed the exams of this hygiene course.

'Good healers make bad wounds'

Students should know when they leave the course that a lot of time and patience are asked of them to master the art of practicing permanent makeup.

Drawing and practicing are the main ingredients of the dedicated training courses.

A good instructor for the student is the guide who remains calm and patient.

Educating and perfecting students is the love for the profession and wanting to convey it, together with a well-justified program.

Exercising permanent makeup remains an art.

Of course I would like to invite you to get acquainted with the possibilities in training & equipment.

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